Timber Wolf® Urethane V-Belt Features Timber Wolf® Urethane V-Belt Benefits
Extremely durable and highly resistant to blade lubricants (85 Shore A Durometer) Last 4 to 5x longer than standard automotive v-belts
Extruded to within .002 of specified thickness Creates a more stable platform than a standard automotive v-belt which can deviate as much as .020 in thickness
Multi grooved face design Draws saw dust away from the blade body resulting in a smoother operating blade
Made 10% shorter than pulley circumference V-Belt fits tightly which reduces vibration in the head and prolongs the life of your blade
Non-Stick surface Never requires cleaning

Urethane v-belts are designed to run on gasoline and diesel powered band saws only and cannot be used as a drive belt.

(Application Guide below)

Timber Wolf® Urethane V-Belts Price List
Pulley Diameter Pulley Groove V-Belt Part Number V-Belt Width V-Belt Depth Price Each
16″ B BMX-16.00 5/8″ .475 $24.95
18″ B BMX-18.00 5/8″ .475 $26.95
18.75″ B B-56 5/8″ .410 $24.95
18.75″ B BMX-18.75 5/8″ .475 $28.95
20″ B BMX-20.00 5/8″ .475 $28.95
24″ B BMX-24.00 5/8″ .475 $34.95
24″ C BMC-24.00 7/8″ .475 $39.95
25″ B BMX-25.00 5/8″ .475 $35.95
Timber Wolf® Urethane V-Belts Application Guide
If your mill is not listed below, measure your pulley diameter to find the v-belt that is compatible or contact our Technical Service Department for assistance.
Band Mill / Band Saw Pulley Diameter Timber Wolf® V-Belt Part Number
Baker/Enercraft Wood Buddy 16″ BMX-16.00
Baker/Enercraft 18M & HD 18.75″ BMX-18.75
Breezewood 20″ BMX-20.00
Custom (Homemade) All Sizes Call For Tech Svc.
Dynatech 16″ BMX-16.00
Dynatech 18.75″ BMX-18.75
EZ Boardwalk 18.75″ BMX-18.75
EZ-Cut 18.75″ BMX-18.75
Go Fast Resaw 20″ BMX-20.00
Hud-Son 16″ BMX-16.00
Hud-Son 18.75″ BMX-18.75
Husky 25″ BMX-25.00
Linn Lumber 18.75″ BMX-18.75
Lumber Master 18.75″ BMX-18.75
Lumber Master 20″ BMX-20.00
Lumber Master 25″ BMX-25.00
Mighty Mite 18.75″ BMX-18.75
Norwood 18.75″ B-56
Oliver Mfg. 18.75″ BMX-18.75
Quality Mfg. Woodchuck 16″ BMX-16.00
Quality Mfg. Grizzly 18.75″ BMX-18.75
Smetco Pallet Dismantler 24″ BMX-24.00
Timber Harvester 30TL19 18.75″ BMX-18.75
Timber Harvester 30HT25 25″ BMX-25.00
Timber Harvester 36HD25 25″ BMX-25.00
Timber King B-20 18″ BMX-18.00
Timber King (all other) 18.75″ BMX-18.75
Western Sawyer 16″ BMX-16.00
Wood-Mizer® LT10-40 (Built after 1990) 18.75″ B-56
Wood-Mizer® LT10-40 (Built before 1990) 18.75″ BMX-18.75
Wood-Mizer® LT50 18.75″ B-56
Wood-Mizer® LT70 24″ BMX-24.00